The galley Clawkeel had endured many storms in her time, but this was her last. With screeching crewbeasts and shuddering timbers, she was dashed upon a rock formation near a small isle in the middle of the wide blue. With nothing but luck and a few weapons and supplies, the remnant crew are stranded in the middle of nowhere...


1. You may have 2 characters total

2. No wolves or other immensely large and near-invincible beasts
3. No invincibility at all whatsoever
4. Up to three weapons per character
5. You may join the crew of the ship but you may also make a char that lives on the island or whatever if you wish
6. Follow Redwall Wars Wikia protocol
7. I have no idea what this rule should be


From now on please post all chars on my talk page. Also, when making a char, put it in this format:

(name here)
Played by:
Note: If your char has relatives, please list this at the end of their "appearance" section(eg. Appearance: A typical grey rat wearing a jerkin and leather belt. Son of (parent's name here).

Clawkeel Crewbeasts

Cap'n Arrig
Species: Marbled polecat
Gender: Male
Weapons: Scimitar, harpoon and bill hook
Appearance: A thin, tall ferretlike creature with golden marbling on his back, wearing a green captain's coat and wavy purple silken waistsash
Occupation: Captain of the Clawkeel
Played by: Biggren
Species: Weasel
Gender: Male
Weaponry: Skinning knife, cutlass
Appearance: A typical weasel wearing a thick leather belt with a brass buckle and gold-and-blue striped pantaloons
Occupation: Lookout
Played by: Biggren
Species: Weasel
Gender: Male
Weaponry: Five throwing knifes, two stilettos, a curved skinning knife and a wavy dagger similar to the kris
Appearance: A weasel with a patch over one eye that often squints his good eye when focusing on most anything, wears a sharkskin belt(his pride and joy) and a knife belt that stretches from his shoulder to hip.
Occupation: Bo'sun
Played by: Biggren
Species: Fox
Gender: Male
Weaponry: Machete, a pair of skinning knives
Appearance: An unusually ash-gray fox, wearing a leather cap, belt and vest(all of which he had nabbed off a dead comrade), a green necktie, and an earring.
Occupation: Helmsbeast
Played by: Barty
Species: Rat
Gender: Male
Weaponry:Butcher knife, cleaver and dagger
Appearance: A rat with dark gray fur who is slightly below the average height for his species. He is a greasy and fat creature, but he is quicker than he looks. He wears a white waist apron that has a few stains on it.
Occupation: Cook
Played by: Bluestripe
Species: Weasel
Gender: Male
Weaponry: Sharpened flute stick and ridged cymbal
Appearance: Jiddee is a jolly weasel who plays the flute. He is a lanky creature, with floppy arms and clumsy long legs. He wears a sleveless open green coat that has a thin golden border. His fur is patchy, with white spots even when it is not winter. Brother of Jahovy.
Occupation: Musician
Played by: Llamao
Species: Weasel
Gender: Male
Weaponry: A pair of drumsticks as well as a violin bow
Appearance: Jahovy, unlike his brother, has a more short and stable stature, and is usually in a stiff position. However, he is also a jolly beast most of the time. His fur is a dark brown color, and he wears the same outfit as Jiddee(his brother).
Occupation: Musician
Played by: Llamao
Species: Rat
Gender: Male
Weaponry: Club, dirk
Appearance: A black rat with dark eyes. Wears a red vest, thick leather belt and a cap that looks similar to this one:[1]
Occupation: Carpenter
Played by: Biggren
Species: Rat
Gender: Male
Weaponry: Dagger
Appearance: A rough-furred, attentive little rat with a temper akin to a viper. He wears a belt and enjoys stealing from others(he has quite a collection of stolen items in his possession)
Occupation: Crewrat
Played by: Biggren
Species: Rat
Gender: Male
Weaponry: Cutlass, wavy dagger
Appearance: A thin black rat who continuously complains about fate and luck, he wears a deep blue sash and a floppy hat
Occupation: Former first mate, was kicked out of that office and became a common crewbeast for whining and so the Clawkeel has no First Mate
Played by: Biggren
Species: Ferret
Gender: Female
Weaponry: A curved sword and a few throwing darts
Appearance: A slightly short brown ferret with olive green eyes and a steely expression. She wears a rough green tunic and brown arm guards. Has a belt and a pouch where she holds her weapons.
Occupation: Steersbeast
Played by: Jump
Vayna Nayrix (Nye-rix)
Species: Pine marten
Gender: Female
Weaponry: Several small hidden weapons- sling and stones, long knife dipped in venom made from poison plants, strangling noose.
Appearance: Wears a green tunic, a short green and black checked kilt that reaches to her knees, a necklace of silver and ivory pieces, and green warpaint streaked across her tan fur. Has a gymnast's build.
Occupation: a former member of the Skurat tribe until her defection to join the shipwrecked crew.
Played by: Wildy


Species: Weasel
Gender: Male
Weaponry: Blowpipe with poison darts, a crude spear and wooden club
Appearance: A large weasel covered in dyes and decorations
Occupation: The Chieftain of a Cannibal Tribe of weasels, stoats and rats, native to the Island
Played by: Richard
Species: Stoat
Gender: Male
Weaponry: Curved sickle sword found on the shore, dagger dipped in venom from his pet viper
Appearance: Wears a tattered red seabeast's coat found on the body of a fox that washed up on the shore of the island from a sunken wreck, beads and ornaments, and a necklace adorned with pieces of ivory, shells, a shark tooth and some pearls
Occupation: Chieftain of the Skurat Tribe, a cannibalistic group that constantly battles the tribe on the other side of the Island, which is under the leadership of his dread enemy Minz
Played by: Biggren


Species: Wolverine
Gender: Male
Weaponry: None
Appearance: An average wolverine who wears a tunic. He was beaten all his life up to this point
Occupation: Loner
Played by: Raw
Species: Stoat
Gender: Male
Weaponry: Dirk and several small hidden weapons
Appearance:Quiet, doesn't form friendships easily. His build is like a gymnast and he is smaller than most stoats. He wears a black vest, black sash and black pantaloons
Occupation: Captain Bullorg Marclaw's bodyguard until marooned on the shore of the Island
Played by: Lath