This page is for battle raps between two characters. Anyone may make raps on this page as long as they are doing it with someone. The style should be similar to Epic Rap Battles of History. No addressing issues that may be a sore spot. Other than that, put down your opponent in fun as much as you like. You rap against the other person in a turn based fashion, either of the rappers may end the rap when they feel like, provided the other player has one more turn to rap before the rap ends. Whatever player starts, the other character will finish. At the end of your rap you must have a pool asking who one. Finally, at the beginning of both people first rap they must have their win/lost/tied ration (optional) and their signature. Good luck to all, and have fun rapping. Specific rules may be added to a rap if both agree, or if someone seeks a challenger with the rules already written out.

Rap of Awesomeness the First!

Danthemanb seeks a challenger! Specific rules: Challenger decides who goes first, at the beginning of every turn rapping some twist must happen (authors decision). (Just write below if you accept Danthemanb's challenge.)

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