• 12/26/16: A Congratulations to Admins Barty, Gren, and Lath for their promotions to Bureaucrats!
  • 12/25/16: Admin and Resident Hare Barty speaking! I've decided to return after a long hiatus to properly perform my administrative duties for this site, as well as continue my great number of roleplays, so... howdy and Happy Holidays, chaps! The Mobile Main Page has been edited, as have the Community Messages. Currently, the most active roleplays are Blue's Rise of the Mercenaries Reboot, Gren's The Northern March Original, Lath's By Sword and Quill, and my Escaping the Prison of Olerr-Thayne. Most Active User this week goes to Wildy! Hope you all have a wonderful time this holiday season! (And plenty of scrummy flippin' tuck!)
  • The Redwall Wars Wiki seems to be regaining activity, but not as much as its originally had.
  • It's good to be back! Hello, this is Bluestripe the Wild, and I'm glad to be back! I'm sorry for leaving this wiki for a while, but I'm back and I hope to be as active as possible once again.
  • If you want to play a variety of games that aren't Redwall related (Yet still awesome) check out the
    DOOM RPG WIKI (update 12/25/2016: DOOM Wiki long abandoned)
    It's completely free! (this message paid for by Martin2)
  • If you like combining Redwall and other stuff, click here! -LPG
  • Please check out my new blog post, The New Redwall Wars.
  • It appears that several of the gun pages are plagiarized. If you see one, put a link and if the page is completely plagiarized, partially, and which sections here: Anti-Plagiarism Society
  • Merry Christmas! Happy New Year! God Bless Us, Every One! -M2
  • Something is wrong with the Home page... at least, when I try to use it. Has anyone else noticed this problem? I think it has something to do with the new "Wikia stickie" that's on the home page. Any info would be great. Silva
  • Happy Thanksgiving!
  • I forgot to mention that Chris is a member of this wiki.
  • The Organization has been revived and the its members will be the sponsor for the Wiki's activities.
  • My ban has been extended to a week for "evading ban". On November 23, I looked on Redwall Wiki and saw that the Shout Box was accessible and I posted,"It works? I'm free!*does a little jig*" That's all I put and he thinks I hacked it.
  • The decision of the revival of The Organization will be discussed presently. Send me a message with your opinion.
  • Lord TBT has blocked me and Silva on the Redwall Wiki. Someone please talk to him about it and ask him to let us back on!
  • Please look at 2 of my role playing games, The Second Redwall Wars and The Modern Redwall Wars.
  • Be sure to look at this.
  • I am currently working on making a video game corner for the wiki.
  • I have an important announcement. The members of the Redwall Wars Wiki will have an upcoming Recruiting Day. You will recruit other users to play your role play, you can just tell them about a role play you like on here, or you can just recruit new users for the Wiki. Thank You.
  • I am currently searching for help to fix the Redwall Wars Wiki's main page. We need our logo in the top left corner and we need a background.
  • Happy Halloween!
  • I am hosting an art contest. Click here for more information.
  • Take a look at this.
  • We have a new poll here.
  • The Modern Redwall Wars have started on my blog!
  • We have another new user, John-E.
  • We have another new user, Colonel Prard.
  • We have another new user, Segalia
  • We have a new user, Bass Eclipse.
  • We have three new users, Shieldmaiden, Otterwarrior and Layla Goldeneyes.
  • We have a new user, Gaylesking.
  • We have a new user, Richard of the Flame.
  • We have a new user, Master of Arms.
  • We have a new user, Frentiza the Ferret.
  • We have a new user, WildloughRhulain.
  • We have a new user, my matey, Silverfalcon Pikehawk!
  • We have a new user, Juliza Swiftree.
  • We have a new user, Fiona Fox.
  • We have a new user, Verminfate.
  • We have a new user, Umrag the Destroyer.
  • We have a new user, the official Redwall Wars Wiki artist, MERLCOK!
  • We have a new user, Wild Doogy Plumm.
  • We have another new user, Danthemanb.
  • We have a new user, Ferretmaiden.
  • We have a new user, Pinedance Coneslinger.
  • We have new users, Long Patrol Girl and Wildcat Girl.
  • We have a new user, Thurrn the Ranger.
  • We have a new user. My clone, Bluestripethewild.
  • We have another new user, Mauran Axestripe.
  • We have our first three users, Martin2, Poison Ivy, and Neildown.
  • The Redwall Wars Wiki was created on August 3, 2009!

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