Warlord Otter
Basic info
Owner Neildown
Species: Otter
Weapons: "Scybaton" [an old invention of mine]; a long-handled shortsword; 3 throwing daggers.
Birthplace: The Northern lands
Faction: Roman Catholic American
Stories In: The Ultimate War [Redwall Wiki][1]
RPGs In: None


Eyes: Blue

Fur: Natural brown color & pattern.

Body build: Slightly taller than normal. Good upper body strength.

Clothing: Red tunic; gray pants; belt around shoulder and waist.

Accessories: Buckler shield; iron knuckle buckles.


Has been wandering around Redwall Wiki and Redwall Wars Wiki for about 3 years, making many blogs that fell into disrepair, chatting on and wiki chat, meeting friends while going along.


In progress


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