Kimea (Key-may-ah) Nyteraker


Wharf rat

Weapon: Cutlass, dirk, a small braided whip with six knotted cords on the end that she calls "Tickler" : a nail's secured through each knot.

Appearance: Kimea has brown eyes and dark grey fur mottled with black patches. She dresses simply, in the silks of a corsair, a black jacket and light brown tunic. Her right ear sports a single notch on the underside, a battle scar. A solitary gold stud shaped like a dirk sits in the other ear. A detailed tattoo across the left side of Kimea's face from her eye down to her chin resembling claw slashes has earned her the name 'Nyteraker.'


1: In The Wake Of The Red Ship

Affiliation: Member of Vilu's crew

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