If you are new to Wikia and/or are not quite sure how to post that amazing fan fiction you have been making over the past few weeks on this site then simply read these simple instructions to get it all set up and pretty looking:

Step 1: Click your username at the top right corner of the page, this will bring you to your userpage. Just below your profile picture there will be a list of tabs to select (Being "Profile" "Talk Page" "Blog" "Contributions" and "Following") Click on the "Blog" Link which will take you to your blog page. Once you are here there will be a (As it is colored on this wiki) Red Button that says "Create Blog Post" Click it and it will bring you to the blog creation page.

Step 2: It will now ask you to enter the name of your story(Or RPG) once you enter it click "OK" And proceed to the main editing page. From this point on you may begin to write up your story. However if you are instead pasting it from an existing page or file then click on the "Source" Button you will see to the right of your Story's title and to the left of a tab titled "Visual" Once you have selected the "Source" Tab you can now more easily paste your copied work onto the page without any problems. If for some reason it will not paste then simply copy/paste smaller sections one at a time.

Step 3 If you have multiple chapters and want to sort them out it is suggested that you find the titles of the chapters and put 2 ='s on either side of the title to create a table of contents. EXAMPLE: ==Chapter One==

Step 4 Once you have completely added your story onto the blog post switch to the "Visual" Tab and locate the Categories text box to the right of the page. Once you find it click on the add category text box and write in "Fan Fiction" Without the quotes.

Step 5 Now that you have done all these things you can now click the "Publish" Button on the right side of the page and Let the rest of the wiki see what you have written. If you ever need to go back and add anything new or make some edits simply go to your Story's blog post and click the "Edit" button to make any needed changes.