Karaina Blackvale and her brother, Daron, are roving warriors.

(birthdate: 6-12-14)

Karaina Blackvale

Species: Squirrel

Physical description: A lanky squirrel with gray eyes. Karaina's dark sable fur is tipped with tan on the tips of her tail and ears. She wears a lavender tunic and a hooded green cloak. Around her neck is a simple vine thong carrying a whistle carved in the shape of an oak leaf.

Weapons: Her primary weapons are a long dirk and a small crossbow with light quarrels.

Daron Blackvale

Species: Squirrel

Physical description: Daron's fur color is the opposite from his sister's, light tan with dark tips. He wears a light green tunic and a cobalt-blue cloak with the shadow of a running squirrel embroidered on the back in dark green.

Weapons: A battleaxe

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