Corbus Quick-Blade
Corbus by Lath
Basic info
Owner Corbus
Gender: Male
Species: Weasel
Weapons: Scimitar, Dirk
Birthplace: Black Cod Bay, Arundell
Faction: Akila(formerly)
Stories In: Where It All Began,Just Another Vermin, Corbus Quick-Blade
RPGs In: ANH, RotM


Was born the son of the chief of the Akila, a secretive tribe in the land of Arundell. His mother was killed by a snake when he was young and his father went out and killed it in revenge. He was always the younger sibling who was ignored by his father due to his brother's talents. One day one of his brother's thugs decided to fight Corbus, at this Corbus showed what many seasons of secret self-trained had done. He won the fight, and the admiration of his father and friends. A few short seasons afterwards he was a prominent member of the tribe, serving on many missions his father had put him on. But on a summer day his father was killed by his own brother, and dueled Corbus for the leadership of the tribe. unbeknown to Corbus his blade had been sabotaged that night, and he was brutally defeated in battle, only saved by his close friend and companion, Durb. He traveled around for quite a few seasons and realized the wrongs he had done during his time in the tribe and has since done his best to right them.


Is missing his left eye after the battle, it is covered by a shell patch with a green leaf sewn into it. Rather small he is also a little muscular and very well built for his size. He often wears a steel breastplate and a bag that contains all he travels with. Has brown fur


A master swords-beast who sees honour and pride in war. He gets extremely mad when a creature insults his family(other than his brother) and may even fight them. While at first he may seem shy and untrusting to a creature once they become his friend he will trust his life with them and be much more open. While overall he dislikes alcohol he will sometimes drink a little bit of wine because of Jak(he also knows a little Gaulish because of this) A rather good sense of humour and will always help a creature get out of a foul mood. When he gets angry there is nothing that can stop him and he will use anything and everything to get at whoever made him mad. He is supportive of his friends and always wanting to help them, he would give his life for them. He is also chivalrous, this sometimes comes to his disadvantage when he faces a female opponent. While he continuously maintains his ideals and morals through almost all situations, refraining from the evils that most vermin commit, when put in a place of power over a group of vermin these morals are forgotten by him, almost turning him into a different creature altogether.